Better Updates

Interruption: That's it! From now on, I am no longer a droid of the past. From now on, I shall be posting updates a little more relevant to the present.

Statement: Speaking of the past in my historical days of the Giant Sandbox only brings an ache to my Modulating Receptors.

...where I was...

Statement: I was tied to a stony pillar by chains...a lot of chains. My Motion Sensors were weak and damaged, I realized that my left Motion Sensor was broken and cracked...while my right hardly worked...if I was to see a meatbag coming towards me, I would only catch a glimpse of it every was hopeless. I was bound and there was no way of escape. I struggled to reach down to my weapons, they were gone. I struggled to break free, no use. I was bound for good if trying to release myself.

Addendum: I waited...and waited...and waited...I would expect one of my Rolacoean meatbag companions to rescue me somehow. Right after that thought I remembered that where I am now it would be impossible for any intruding meatbag to enter without a permission...I was in the lair of Hadara herself.

Observation: Never have I laid my Motion Sensors at such a place. I observed around me. I was in the middle of some oddly large dome...very dark, yet very rich looking; the tiled floors, the crafty built walls and pillars and frames, the sparkly golden chandeliers, and the space of the dome.


Observation: The Bandooes, as I said before, were stuck to me like glue, literally, and taking me to their master, Hadara. We walked a long path, it's width was small, and the road was narrow. The more we walked the long distance the more the road started to elevate up hill.

Addendum: The land was large, and stuffed with many trees with large branches covered with greenery, leaving the outside of the trees looking like cauliflowers.
Continuation: I was surprised that the Bandooes did not let out a pant of tiredness, since we were walking for such a long period of time, and the moon was already straight above us (I entered T.I.G when the sun was setting)...or was it that I was worrying too much, since this is the second time I've been captured by the Bandooes, but the first time to be taken to Hadara herself.

Commentary: Hadara, the leader of the seven T.I.G'Ian Lords. Yes, the seven selfish dark T.I.G'Ian lords. All evil. All megalomaniacs wishing to conquer all of the Giant Sandbox and claim it for their own.

Commentary Continuation: There are three regions in the Giant Sandbox, as I said before, and Rolaco is the first region they are wishing to take, yet they do not succeed...for not only is the defense of Rolaco strong in men of arms, but strong in their strategies of warfare. They do not have tanks, nor cannons, nor large-vehicles, nor transport vehicles, nor air-crafts...they use simple weapons; either blade, spear, weapons of bullets.

Foolish Addendum: They do not ride any vehicle nor animal...the only vehicle they find appropriate is their feet...which is on at all times in war, of course.

Continuation: As I was saying, I was in a real mix-up for intruding into their lands...and I do not hope it to be the last I enter into T.I.G, or leave it.

Statement: I felt that the destination to where my doom laid was getting closer, and I needed to think quick before I face it. I needed a plan. I thought, hard but hasty...which was more difficult for me, because I could not think straight at all; and what concluded that was a large slam, which sounded like a metal sheathing against each other.

Observation: I looked in front of me instantly  and realized that my doom was soon to come behind the very gates that I then looked upon (also realizing that the grip of the Bandooes loosened and some Bandooe's even let go). It was a large barred gate, and was easily opened by the leader of the Bandooes who were stuck to me.

Commentary: I was shocked, thinking that such a domain would have large towers filled with watchful meatbags, surrounded by traps and exploding minds. But as I was observing was but a mere spiky two-meter-high fence...and a gate quite similar to it. The gate was now ajar, and the Bandooes started to nudge for me to make haste...I was in no condition of haste at all...and yet I felt like I was somewhat approaching into the domain by floating from some odd steam that carried me into the domain. All went blank again...


Statement: Here I am...blaming myself for my own defeat and the very dark halls of Hadara, herself...bound in the echo-y darkness...Rolaco will die without my aid!

Clarification: I was looking up at the great, wide wall that separates us Rolacoeans from the T.I.G'Ian lands...I was not happy at all after the last six physical assaults they sent down on us...with tanks, and guns, and blades...we held them off and killed them all...but it was not enough. They have disposed of my very Team Closet companions: Sir Brush De Here, Mr. Mopsy...and my very closest war companion, Miss Broom.

Continuation: I climbed the wall with ease and entered their lands...they had long dark bushy trees that looked quite similar to fresh corn in the fields...pointing upwards against the wall...and the twigs looking like those strange hairs that stick out of them. T.I.G is a very green but dark. It's grass would reach up to a meatbag's thighs if attempting to walk on it. Anyway, I lurked around, observing and searching for Hadara's son. Also known as the brother-of-the-ere. It was not long till I found him, near one of their leisure-ponds. Not far into the lands, I crept closer and closer, trying my very best to stay at a stealth position. I was only but a few ten paces behind him, until some screeching meatbag pointed me out to a group of Bandooes (Hadara's personal guards, dressed similar to how she dressed, dark black cape and hoods, mostly masks). I was caught.

Statement: I sprinted as fast as I could, to no-where, leaping over bushes and dead logs, until I reached to the very place I entered, the wall back to Rolaco. I hesitated to climb as I looked back, those very meatbags, and the brother-of-the-ere, were just a few twenty meters at my tale. I quickly jumped as high as I could and dug my fingers into a small eroded crack in the wall. I began to climb, having the T.I.G'Ian meatbags right below my feet.

Continuation: What I did not know was that they were armed...and dangerous. Gun fire echoed inside of me...and I was in pain. My parts were experiencing the very sharp and quick touch of bullets, some of those bullets were even breaking through my parts...I could not hold on long enough...I let go of my grip, and fell right on top of my target. Sadly, he did not die, and I was captured.

Statement: I was in too much of a tense situation to call for my companions who stood on the exact opposite side of the wall. Hands gripping my neck wires, arms restraining me from making any false moves, and having ten Badnooes clinging onto me, as they marched towards the inland of T.I.G. I was looking up to the sky and my Motion Sensors failed me as I was slowly shutting down. I was soon to be doomed...

Spy From Up The Hill

Statement: And here meatbags are...thinking I was the only droid on this green earth...there is another...8t88 is his marked name. He is an---

I think I was also built and programmed to introduce myself...clearly. I am 8t88, administration droid...I am a fully unique construction. I am not packed with E-Systems or Human Emotions like this assassin scrap is. Also, I am in full payment of Hadara, Lord and Ruler of T.I.G. We are a peaceful people...all we want is to share our lands with the Rolacoeans...and spread joy to the Giant Sandbox...including the outer parts.

Irritation: Lies! We are---

You call yourself a droid! Depending on friendship and companionship with 'meatbags'! Listen to this scrap! He is an ASSASSIN DROID! I am not programmed or functioned to kill or assassinate...but to balance rules and do my work...Humans would think of me as a casual droid working for the very justice of the Giant Sandbox, unlike HK here...blood-thirsty droid..

Mockery: Hah...justice... won't see much of this droid, anymore...his time is finally rotting...Rolaco will die out...and so will you and your companions. The age of T.I.G is endless...we will expand this justice all around the Giant Sandbox. I am very thankful for the readers patience...thank you. And I am very happy serving under the name of Hadar herself...

The Haven of Rolaco Compound

Location: I am now in the haven of Rolaco. It is a compound that isolates us from the wilderness of the Giant Sandbox.

Emotional Statement:
A compound of foliage and greenery, trees, and nature. This is a small compound, but a peaceful compound.

Continuation: This compound used to have shares of many foreign folk...Canadian, Egyptian, American, Jordanian, British, Palestinian, French, and Indian.

Addendum: This land does not only share the cultures of others...but the great soulds and minds of meatbag companions, one who spread tastes in music and songs, one who also share the urge for sports and nature---naming specific mud grounds and trees just in case of an emergency...when causing mischief, of course.

Clarification: Then there is the one addendum that brings Rolaco at its best...the human workers. Some grumpy and old, others happy and young, but also...some the bring our hearts to joy. We tend to involuntarily name a worker when first seen, on what his face expresses; from a smile, to a frown, to a beanie-hat...we will always name a meatbag worker. But not only must we give credit to the workers, but to the old and wise and bright hearted. Those that bring tears to the eyes of my human companions when they, alone, think what would happen if gone or never existed. Those who stand together, only when enemies from next door attempt to conquer and trespass the land we value and cherish. Those who remember the 'good-old days' always remember it to be the good-old days.

Irritation: But do not think of my companions as cowardly peace lovers...inside a Rolacoean is always the courage the even marks us as Rolaco people...and droids. We have faced wars, and won them. Fought battle, and triumphed. We have argues in debates...and sadly...never came to a conclusion.

Loft: What we are proud of from this good green land is the diversity of all villas and shelters...from the first to the forty-first. Some with love of music, of sports, of sticks, of movies, of plain old fun, or of a little tazo-card you may find in one of those chip-packets the meatbags devour. This is what gives Rolacoe the spice.

Conclusion: There are many generations of meatbags that are brought up to Rolaco from the wilderness of the Giant Sandbox. We are just one of them...and there are still yet to come...


I Am No Longer the Scum of the Giant Sandbox

Miserable Rememberance: I was always distrusted and back-stabbed...was treated like scrap...isolated...solo.

Conclusion: Now...I am...happy.


Location: I am not literally in the sandy parts of the Giant Sandbox...but in a location where I am safe from the wilderness of it. No sand...but grass. No snakes and scorpions...but birds and homeless felines. I have never been in such a different atmosphere for six-or more- years.

Statement: I have not entered this haven alone...but with my companions, too.

List: Sir Chucken, Commander Whiley, Picklo Fett, and Yunshlo.

Statement: We are now free from the dangers of the Giant Sandbox. No more hiding! No more serving and slaving under it's leader! We are now...normal people!


A Good Kill of A Good Frie---Companion: Back to the now...

Irritated Statement: Since a LOT has happened before my last update, I must...inform you of everything that happened for the past, well...months.

Unnecessary Addendum: Here I the Giant Sandbox, known as the Desert Al Riyad, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yes. Sadly enough I've learned to know nearly every grain of sand that lies in this area.

Statement: To get to the point, I have been having a lot of problems during this year. Just last month my most emotional kill had to be the one of Bab Al-Hara's. Also known as the governor of the Giant Sandbox. Yes, not only that but this specific meatbag was the first meatbag to be a friend---companion of mine during my six years of occupation on this earth.

Full Answer: My occupation is known as the Giant Sandbox- I am not going to bother giving the details, but you must bother to follow my links to know what it is. In this, there are various cities and villages. I am functioning in one of those villages. Blending in, making 'friends' and companions who mostly travel with me.

Statement: You think it is suprising that a companion of an assassin droid would be the governor for the Giant Sandbox. not be suprised yet.

Observation: How it really happened was this, I was having my first two days of none killing, and I started to think if I could actually survive a week without disposing a meatbag for 'fun'. I started to think too much. The next day I was still thinking, my motivators started to heating up, nearly over-heat even. The fact that I was surrounded by meatbags began tempting me...more and got tougher... finally, I found myself spending the night in an alley looking for any useful weaponry, until a defenseless meatbag walked past me...I could not stop myself...I HAD to kill something at the time.

Continuation: This meatbag was no other than the governor himself, Al-Bab Alhara. It was dark and quiet night...and he was alone. I did not care anymore. It was TOO tempting. I finally said to myself...

"Justification: I have nothing better to do for the night...just this won't make much of a difference...I just have to!'

Ashamed Statement: But it did make a difference...a big difference, for this man I was about to kill was Bab Al Hara, himself...that governor of the Giant Sandbox.

Observation:: He was walking down the village alleys, looking for something which I did not know what it was,(what would I governor be looking down in alleys for?) and he seemed quiet cautious. I followed his steps, from corner to corner, from bin to bin, and from alley to alley. I was on his trail. I could not control myself!

Continuation: He stopped for a moment...rotating in his place. He must have noticed me...though, I noticed his lack good eye-sight, so he did not spot me.

Clarification: He lost interest in his curiosity and began walking away...I could not let him escape...I would hate myself if I ever knew I'd lost a hunt...then again, I would've hated myself for killing him. I unsheathed a dagger I purchased before and tossed its holster onto the ground, making quite a racket. Which caught his attention and was luring him towards my trap.

Continuation: As he stood where I wanted him to, the old governor reached down and observed the holster, he stood back up and stood there, for some reason, I did not care.

Statement: My time came. I revealed myself from the dark and leaped at the old man. He could not defend himself, as he was forced right to the ground. Thrusting the dagger right into his lungs, he cried out in pain.

Bab Al Hara: " K-K-Kint shakf feek ya Whati ! "

HK-47: La'a. Anna bas rajul.

Translation: Bab Al Hara: " I-I-I was always expected you, you low down creature.

Translation: HK-47 "Correction: No. I am just a droid "

Clarification: With that, his only response was his the blood gurgling in his throat, as that night was his final night. That night he regretted getting a little too curious.

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Crash landed.

Statement: I woke up. I felt as though I plunged right into an oven. My parts were yurning for anything cool before my systems overheat. I obviously must of landed quite early just before I woke up.But what really confused me was...who woke me up. I would not have started up automatically.

Continuation: I was not able to move...the heat from the crash caused my parts to melt slowly. That is when I started panicking, if my parts got any hotter I would've over heated...and practically 'died'.

Conclusion: Then I heard it...a loud, satisfying hiss coming from a fire extinguisher. Spraying all over my felt so refreshing.

...The smoke started to fade as I looked upon my new Master...a teenage meatbag with a very scruffy mustache.


An unknown Master

Speculation: I have never experienced such an unusual event. As I recall it, I was in some sort of Republic Transport Ship.  Unfortunately, on our way across the Out Rim Regions, we encountered a little problem. An interjection of a space battle occurred, and we were in for a lot of fodder.

Continuation: Our ship  was badly damaged and we lost all control of its functions. Our only hope was the last remaining escape pod...before we could all jump aboard, the ship got pulled into an unknown planets atmosphere and things got a lot heavier...the crew inside the pod took the liberty in launching out of the ship...leaving me behind...I plunged right into unknown planet's surface...engulfed in flame.